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I recently noticed that I have gotten new subscribers on this blog and I hate for them to sub and not get any updates. I currently use my other blog “The Blue Escape” that has both Japanese, Food, and travel updates. Pretty soon I will be writing about my experiences studying abroad in Japan and the program I went through. I hope those who are subbed to please visit .



Today is my second to last day of work at GT (Georgia Tech) and they had sent me off  by taking me to lunch. The place was Japanese themed called Ra Sushi, located at 1080 Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA. The decor was very pretty and the food was good. It was great having my last MSE GT lunch with my very supportive new family ( Michelle, Granny Liddy, Sheri, Sarah, Shirley, Alyssa, Kevin and my mom). Everyone’s food looked so delicious and I was not at all surprised by all the food Granny Liddy ordered :). I had so much fun spending time with them and getting great tips for travel. I have learned both good and bad things while working but the good things are the great times I spent with my new family.


今日は、GTの最終日、昼ごはんいっしょうにいきました。日本レストランのなまえは、RaSushiで1080Peachtree street のアトランタジョージアがある。あそこレストランは、おいしくてきれいでした。GT家族がMichelle, Granny Liddy, Sheri, Sarah, Shirley, Alyssa, Kevin and my momです。Granny Liddy がたくさんをちゅうもんしてぜんぜんびっくりしませんでした。本当におもしろかった。

Wish you were there Renita, Jasmin!


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I talked about this earlier in my blog about keeping in contact with family in the states. This past weekend I went to T-mobile to ask about their international plan. Turned out our family plan offered the same things. What’s better is that they had great offers on their phones. My mother and I ended up getting the Google Nexus5 that is compatible with many apps. Google hang outs is already installed on it and as well as Google voice. Not only will I be using that but the app Line as well. The best thing about this plan is no international charge for phone calls using apps and unlimited data. Did I forget to mention that the phone is unlocked? WOOT!!

One month left…or a month and a week

♫ This is the return of the space cowboy, its a planetary ah if I don’t ♫


Things are coming up so fast and I am both excited, scared,spazzed out, and all the emotions I can think of into one. I honestly did not think it would come up this soon but I’m almost there! I  last week  I met my APU buddy Haruna-san. She is so sweet which takes a load of fear off my back. Yesterday I was informed that I will not be staying on campus as I previously thought but in a dorm off campus by the water.beppu_bay46_big oita_map_e

This was a huge shocker to be because I wanted to be on campus and close to campus events. However, I think it turned out fine since I want to volunteer at the Elementary school that happens to be next door and not too far from the retirement home. Then I realized the extra bonus…..I am downtown and close to all the department stores, grocery store and a Sally’s Beauty Supply store!! Thank the gods for this. Sadly I still do not know the cost of my housing but I hope it will be enough to break even. I even get a free bus pass…well until the spring semester but I can just ride the bus all day long. I am not quite sure when I will know who my roommate is but I hope we get along. The dorms are the same design as the APU house dorm so there honestly wont be much of a difference.



Not all of the rooms are single, most of them are double and we share the restroom on the floor. The pictures from this slide show will give you a sneak peek of APU and Oita House.

Slideshow Pictures

My program also informed me that I will not know of my host family until I get to Japan so this will be a real treat. I really hope we are paired well and they like me. Lastly, I have a pre-departure seminar tomorrow from 12-1 mountain time so I hope nothing comes up at that time while at work.


-Bye space cowboy

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どして、日本に行きたいですか.Why do you want to go to Japan?


Why do you want to go to Japan?  The question that is asked more often than the classic name questions. It’s funny how a few weeks ago I would just answer without actually thinking but lately I think it had just hit me. Why do I want to go? I am too far to turn back now but I am honestly scared to go. Why? Just the fact of leaving my mom and Kookie behind is scary. Who is going to make sure she does not text and drive, keep her company on weekends, holidays and give Kookie scraps ?

The other reason my I am scared is making friends. I have a hard time making female friends than male friends for some strange reason. I am always judged by my outer appearance and the first thing out of a girl’s mouth is that they thought I was a b****. Then once they get to know me they always complement on how nice I am -_-. I don’t know what else I can do to be less intimidating besides showing my heart on my sleeves. I enjoy my male friends but I cant go shopping with them looking miserable in the corner either. The silly, music lover, Anpanman/ Doraemon , food lover is what I want them to see. I really want to become close with my APU buddy, host family, roommate and other students at Ritsumeikan APU.

Keeping my grades in order is also a concern of mine. After spending so much time to raise my grades I need to keep them where they are. Also, I don’t want to be extremely invested into my class/school work that I don’t enjoy myself and miss out on clubs, gatherings, and just plain old fun.

Hopefully these fears will subdue and the excitement will return but at the moment I am so nervous that I feel sick.



ひさしぶりですね。It’s been a while hasn’t it? at the moment my head is too clogged to write and translate a post in Japanese.So what am I stressing about you may ask? Well lets go through the list!

  1. Money. Yes money, dinero, okane, mula, the magical paper the has no real value except for being an IOU value by the government. Even though I have financial aid and a scholarship there is a 50/50 chance I will not have enough as planned. Waiting on my housing bill is just driving me nuts and depending on the route the choose to charge I will be eating salad extremely often….well there is an positive from this.
  2. Scholarships. I have a huge writers block due to the 8 essays that I have written and the other Russian roulette ones as well. Now that I am starting the waiting game on my fall applications I am prepping for the spring semester essays. I think I might go ahead fill out some grants and fellowships as well. This is the main reason why I hate writing papers with a passion.
  3. Packing. I thought this would be an easy task to do but it’s not. I have filled my main suitcase and it is just with winter clothes……I know this will tale some practice. I am finding it hard to fit my life and personality into two..three bags for a year. Also, finding medicine that is legal in Japan is quite a headache. The following items are just a few that are illegal in Japan:

    Tylenol Cold


    Nyquil Liquicaps



    Advil Cold & Sinus

    Dristan Cold (“No Drowsiness”)

    Dristan Sinus

    Drixoral Sinus

    Vicks Inhaler

  4. Praying that things work out fine. I need to keep some light at this dank tunnel and it is dimming each day but its there. I will just try to relax but I have never been one to have that kind of skill. Maybe with the help of some good documentaries I can rest. 🙂





どこに行く、なにをするの?Where to go and What to do.

I have about a month and a half until I leave for Japan Yay! Recently I have been trying to figure out where to go and what to do while I am there. Lucky for me my friend Reah came through with a large amount of things she wants me to go for her. I think most of the locations are in Tokyo but hopefully I can go later during the school year. Anyway here are some of her suggestions;

Things to eat

  • Clear Mochi


  • Real Ramen

  • Japanese Cake

Fruit Sandwiches


Places to go

Tokyo Disney

A Shrine

Cat Cafe

***I d not own any of these images****



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How was your weekend? This weekend I met my cousin’s girl friend. She was nice but didn’t talk much (but most people say I talk too much anyway). My cousin, his girl friend and I went bowling. After that we went to Taco Mac. I went home around 6:30, he seems really happy with her. Ahhhh one day I want a BF =.=. That kind of feeling is nice. Also,my new luggage came two weeks ago. Aunt Joyce bought it for me ^.^.

Please go to Rhea’s (my friend) page, she is a talented comic artist (i don’t think I am using the right word but oh well)







Genki I Textbook page 265


I wake up every morning at 7 o’clock. I eat breakfast at home. I go to the university at 8. At 9 I study Japanese. At 12:30 I eat lunch at school. Sometimes I drink coffee. I read books in the library at 4. I go home around 6. I watch TV at 10. I go to be around 11 o’clock.


*****JSL ページ330*****

電話会話 (Phone conversation)


J. もしもしすぎうらです。Hello this is the Sugiura residence.

N. もしもしこちらスーブラウンですが、みちこさにらっしゃいますか。Hello. This is Sue Brown. Is Michiko there?

J. いまちょっとるすですけど。。。。She is out right now but (can help you?)

N. じゃあ、メッセージおねがいできますか。Then can you take a message?

J. はい。しょうしょうおまちください。おまたせいたしました。ぶらうんさんでいらっしゃいますね。Yes Just one moment…I’m sorry to kept you waiting. It’s Ms. Brown right?

N. はい。こんばん、ようじできょうとへまりましてね!みょうにちは、こちらのおりませんから、そうおっしゃってくださいませんか。Yes. I’m going to Kyoto on business tonight and tomorrow I wont be here, so would you please tell here that?

J. かしこまりました。I will take care of your message.

N. じゃあ、おそれいれますが、よろしくおねがいいたします。Well then I am sorry to bother you but would you please do that?

J. はい Certianly

N. じゃあ、しつれえいたします。ごめんください。Well, goodbye


This is just a review for basic words. I currently use the Genki book for tutoring but in school I used Japanese The Spoken language and Japanese The Written Language. I use other resources as well and will give my review of it. 



Today I was sent a reminder about keeping in contact with friends and family while abroad. My mom and I constantly talk about keeping in contact with each other but that also mean that I need to get an understanding on how the time zone works. So from ATL to Oita Japan there is an 13+ difference in the time zone, which means that the best time to reach me is around 4:00 am my time (I wake up early) 3:00 pm ATL time. Maybe even later depending on my course load and the weekend (週末 syu-u-ma-tsu).


*****けいたい (Cell Phone)*****

My program also discussed about phone communication, I am not sure if I am allowed to post this but I will just put it down since it will be important.


Forms of communication may be the following:


· Skype and Email (I will continue this method of communication and will need to get everyone’s email and I might even do a Google+ hangout on my YT Channel)


· FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc. (I do not have an Iphone so FT is out of the question but the other three is possible and I will put out more information after I research it google it)


· Use your current cell phone – be sure to check with your cell phone provider as international plans are most often very expensive (I will give out more info on this as well for T-Moblie)


· Use your current cell phone and purchase a SIM card in your host country through a cell phone provider. Check with your current cell phone provider to see if this is possible with your type of phone. You must be able to “unlock” your phone switch your current SIM for an international SIM card. (I have an Nokia Windows 8Phone)


· Vodafone, Optus, Global Gossip, Digicel and Telstra are cell phone providers in the South Pacific. You may purchase a phone and/SIM card upon arrival if you wish to scope out all options.


Most mobile options work on a pre-paid system and you will be texting more often than making phone calls as that is more expensive abroad.


Call home using the phone card that GlobaLinks provides you on the first day of the Bridging Cultures Program. Do so immediately upon arrival to your accommodation so that your family knows you have arrived safe. Then, let them know you will call them the following week upon arrival at your host university.


So please do not panic mom I will call ASAP with the phone card provided by GL but based upon this I will make sure I get my computer ready for some serious chat time.


Word of the day (時間 jikan ji-ka-n, means “Time”)